quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2013

DIY-Bracelete de Prata...

1. Cut three pieces of cotton, each one metre in length. Then cut each of these into three equal pieces.
2. Attach the three pieces together with a box clasp at one end. Do this with all three colours.
3. Take a piece of large link chain around 18cm long. Measure this against you wrist and add or take off links as you need. The two ends of chain should meet.
4. Open the last link and thread on the box clasps in any order.
5. Starting three links in plait the cottons cords onto the chain. I like to check the cottons are threaded through the chain links in sequence to make sure my plait is correct.
6. Stop plaiting three links before the end of the chain and attach three more box closers on the ends.
7. Open up the last link of the chain then thread on the box clasps and a lobster clasp.
Que Tal Fazer Uma Pulseira Como Esta?!E Não é Nada Dificil...

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